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5 Inexpensive Camcorders to Consider in 2013

Whether you are a teenager filming the latest skating stunt, or a father filming your daughter’s first birthday, camcorders are essential to capturing every memory. To help you find the a camcorder to capture life’s biggest and smallest events, we have come up with a list of the best camcorders of 2012.

Sony HDR-CX700V

When it comes to capturing home video on a camcorder, Sony is a brand that you can rely on. The Sony HDR-CX700V at only 17 ounces comes with a 96GB embedded flash memory which means you can record about 40 hours solely internally. So, if you want a camcorder that will not die and will not let your favorite memories die, the Sony HDR is the perfect choice.

Pros: The HDR has a huge 3-inch LCD screen and uses TruBlack technology so it can display amazing color. A huge added bonus to this camera is that it is touch screen. The view finder is incredibly easy to use on this camera, and the HDR even comes with a video stabilizer so that your footage won’t appear shaky. What is even cooler about this camera is that there is a GPS implanted inside the camera so you can remember exactly where you took the footage.

Cons: The zoom on the camera is a little bit limited so it will be harder to capture those farther away shots.

Overall, this camera is loaded with solid features; from its built in GPS to its touch screen, this camera will not let you down. You can take it anywhere because of its light weight, and it won’t run out of battery when you need it most.

Canon Vixia HF G10

The Canon Vixia HF G10 camera is a high definition camcorder with a punch. It not only has great image and video quality, but also has a large distance zoom.

Pros: The Canon Vixia can take 2.37 megapixel images and has a focal length of 4.25-42.5 mm. The recording speed on this camera is 24 megabits per second which is pretty good for a high definition camcorder. As far as memory, the Vixia comes with a dual memory card slot, but only comes with 32 GB of memory which is not much for HD video. The zoom is great with a 10x for optical and 200x for digital zoom.

Cons: This camcorder comes with very basic features and not a lot of internal memory. It won’t be the best option for recording long material, and does not have very mind blowing specs.

Overall, the Canon Vixia HF G10 is an average HD camcorder that will capture video and images at a pretty good speed. This camera may have a 3.1 inch screen, but it is missing the more impressive features like built in GPS.

Panasonic HDC-TM900K

When capturing video on your camcorder, the quality of the video and image is the most important thing to consider. Panasonic has taken this to mind with the HDC’s outstanding image quality.

Pros: At $1,100, the Panasonic HDC comes with a 9 MP resolution when taking pictures and an optical zoom of 12x which one of the highest optical zooms available. The HDC also sports a great focal length, exceptional recording speed, and an impressive 3.5 inch LCD screen. This camcorder is also exceptionally small weighing only 13 ounces. So on a feature level, this camcorder blows all the competitors out of the water.

Cons: The internal memory is only 32 GB, which makes it harder to record for a long time.

Overall, the Panasonic HDC-TM900K is a camcorder jam packed with features and stellar zooming capability. It is a camcorder that you can take anywhere and do anything with and get amazing footage.

Sony HDR-PJ50V

If you are looking for a high definition camcorder with exceptionally big memory and good lighting technology, the HDR-PJ50V is a great camcorder. While it only sports a 70x zoom, the PJ50V comes with additional features like a built-in-projector and awesome speakers.

Pros: What sets this camcorder apart is its ability to playback footage incredibly. The PJ50V acts like a home theater with exceptional speaker sound and a big screen to show you exactly what you are shooting. The still resolution camera feature only takes pictures at a 7.1 MP but it has a huge memory bank.

Cons: The image quality is very average, and the zoom capability is fairly low in comparison to other camcorders.

Overall, the Sony HDR-PJ50V is the camcorder to get if you do not want to run out of battery and if you want to play back your videos like they just happened.

JVC Everio GZ-HM1S

With outstanding video quality and a great vocal length, the JVC Everio is a perfection choice for a camcorder. It is priced at $700, which is relatively low, and it can capture images in vibrant colors.

Pros: The Everio has a high focal length, a pretty good zoom, and the recording speed is fast. What sets this camcorder apart is its ease to change out lenses. So, if you want to stick a wide angle or telephoto lens on your camcorder, this is the perfect camcorder to do that on. It records at 24MbPs which is a pretty good speed and it can record up to 28 hours of film with its 64 GB memory.

Cons: This camcorder is average in its features and does not come with a touch screen or any cool features like a built in GPS. The memory size at 64 GB is also average.

Overall, the JVC Everio GZ-HMIS has great image quality and is easy to use. It may only have average features, but if you are looking for an affordable camcorder that can take beautiful footage, this is the camcorder for you.

Out of all the camcorders on the market today, the Sony HDR-CX70 0V sticks out with the most unique features. So, if you are looking for a camera that has built in GPS, and a huge touch screen I would go with the Sony HDR. The Panasonic HDC-TM900K is the perfect camcorder in terms of video quality and amazing zoom.

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