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Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas for Christmas 2013

Have you decided to take part in a white elephant gift exchange at work, and you want to impress everyone with your unique creativity, but you aren’t quite sure what will do the trick? Here are 15 gifts that are sure to get a few laughs and will surely be fought over at your gift exchange.

Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray

Do you have a friend that could use a little more sophistication in their speach? Get them this Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray to help give them that extra edge. Not only will it leave their breath smelling fresh as a mint, but one simple spray will activate the invisible language receptors on their tongue to help them speak Irish like a native Irishman. Spearmint flavor.

Sarcastic Ball

We’ve all seen those magic 8 balls that give answers to questions. How about a sarcastic version that gives you the answers you don’t want?

Give this gift to that person you want to know how you really feel about them. Answers like, “Yeah, right”, “Ask me if I care”, and “Oh, please”, will get the message across.

Bacon Scented Car Freshener

Who doesn’t enjoy the smell of bacon in the morning? But really, who has the time to cook it, every morning? So why not give the gift that keeps on giving, a bacon scented car freshener. Then, everyday, when the person you care about enough to give this gift gets in their car, they can enjoy the wonderful smell of bacon without even setting a foot in the kitchen.

Fake Turd

This classic gag gift is a must for anyone who loves to pull the same prank over and over and over again. This realistic looking turd may be placed on the toilet seat at the office, in the middle of the sidewalk in front of your home, or anywhere that a person might not expect it.

The Fake Turd is approximately 4″ long and is as real as it gets outside of a bathroom.

Toilet Monster

Taking pranks into the bathroom may seem off-limits or off-color to some people, but for those who enjoy it, this gift is a lucky find. This red monster has suction cups that allow it to attach to the inside of any toilet lid, scaring anyone and everyone who dares try and use it. Buy this gift to impress your most off-color friends.

Toilet Coffee Mug

Do you know someone who has to have that cup of coffee in the morning? Or maybe somebody who drinks cup after cup of coffee throughout the day?

Well, what better way to drink a cup of coffee than out of a toilet? Their friends will all get a kick out of the miniature toilet filled with mysterious brown (coffee) liquid.

Other Coffee Mugs

If the toilet coffee mug won’t do it for you, try one of these other options. The grenade coffee mug that features a sign that says, “Please take a number”. (The numbers are located on the grenade pin). Or, try the brass knuckles coffee mug and feel invincible every time you slip your fingers into the fisticup.

If you really want the feeling of invincibility, however, try the gun mug which features a pistol handle as the handle of the mug.

Fart Master Key Chain

Have you been missing the whoopee cushion prank now that you are too old to play with such immature toys? Give this more sophisticated version, The Fartmaster Key chain, to one of your co-workers and relive those childhood memories all over again.

This key chain features 6 different types of farts, to keep them sounding authentic time and time again.

Obama Toilet Paper
Okay, no matter what your political stance may be, who wouldn’t enjoy wiping their…noses…on the president of the United States, especially when his name’s Barrack Obama.

If you believe in change, then you will enjoy seeing your hero every morning when you wipe your…nose. If you used to believe in change, or never thought we could, then maybe wiping your…nose…on Obama will be even more enjoyable for you.

Shock Pen

Another classic prank, now in the shape of the most used office tool, the pen.

Does your co-worker frequently ask you to borrow a pen? Give them this pen for Christmas and they probably won’t ask you for anything else ever again.

Farting Fanny Piggy Bank

Do you know any penny pinchers that insist on saving every single penny that comes their way? Help them save their pennies with the Farting Fanny Piggy Bank.

This piggy bank has a look of it’s own, as well as sound effects that complete it’s look.

Backwards Clock

What if time could go backwards? Would you want in on that secret? Well get in on it now with the backwards clock! This 10 1/2″ diameter clock features a backwards array of numbers as well backwards moving hands to give you the power of turning time backwards.

Give your friends the impossible gift of turning time backwards this Christmas season.

Talking Friend Watch

Do you know someone who could use a friend? Has the same person been wearing the same old, silent watch for years now? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then this gift is perfect for them.

This watch’s talking features you to not only see the time displayed on the watch, but also hear it as it is repeated to you from the watch itself. Never feel lonely again! With the Talking Friend Watch you can

Refrigerator Upgrade Magnet

These days it’s practically a crime not to have an automatic ice/water dispenser on your fridge. But what about those who don’t? What are they supposed to do? Spend $500+ on a new refrigerator OR you could just buy a magnet that does the trick. Measuring 7 1/2″ wide by 9″ tall, this magnet transforms your 20th century refrigerator into a 21st century beauty. Trick friends and family into thinking you made the upgrade to a brand new refrigerator and watch as their cups slam recklessly into the side of your fridge.

Remote Control Walking Zombie

We all know that 2012 is the year the world will be taken over by zombies. Prepare now for the zombie invasion by buying a zombie of your own for protection! This little remote control zombie measures 7 3/4″ tall and can walk and moan all at the push of a button on the little brain-shaped remote control. Perfect for scaring or amusing co-workers, students, classmates, etc., this little zombie fits perfectly on top of a desk. Don’t be unprepared for the 2012 zombie invasion.

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Funny Christmas White Elephant Gift Ideas for 2013 – 2014

Each and every year my wife and I are charged with the task of holding a white elephant gift party for our best friends and neighbors during the holidays. While we try to keep it somewhat decent it gets a little rowdier every single year. That one time of the year our conservative and liberal, church goers, and atheist friends come together for something more than a little special. Here’s the basic rules of our gift exchange.

  • ¬†Everyone brings a gift. Couples bring 2 (of course).
  • We set a price limit of around $25 per gift. Homemade/unique white elephant gifts are acceptable.
  • Get in a circle and have everyone put their gag gifts in the center and their names in a hat.
  • The person whose name gets drawn goes first and clockwise you begin to open the white elephant gifts.
  • On their turn guests can choose to steal someone’s gift or open a new one.
  • After a gift has been stolen 3 times it is locked and can no longer be stolen.
  • Go around the circle two times.

Additional rules that we use sometimes allows the person that goes first to go 3 times while everyone else gets to go twice. We also like to have an ugly sweater contest in the mix of it and a prize for the best sweater.

10 Best White Elephant Gift Ideas for 2013

In the past I’ve seen just about anything you can imagine at our party. From lingerie, to a shave-with-me Barbie (homemade), to a live chicken as you can imagine it’s more than a little bit crazy. Without further adieu here are a few of my favorite white elephant gift ideas for 2013

1.) Potty Putter

Just looking at this thing makes me laugh and after I stop I kind of really want it. It comes with a golfing green, club, ball, hole, and everything you need in order to practice your putting right from the throne.

2.) Control Your Man/Woman Remote Controls

If you’re asking yourself whether these really work or not, then I don’t think you really get it. Either way it’s hilarious. The “listen” and “multitask” buttons on the one for men really caught my eye.

3.) What’s Your Poo Telling You?

Although this is a real back that is sometimes needed at a white elephant gift exchange it makes for a great gift. Hey, everyone really wants to know anyway right? Who knows, maybe it’ll save the person’s life who you give it to in the future.

4.) Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

Yes, they are what you think they are. Just in case.

5.) WTF? Red Office Stock Self-Inking Rubber Stamp

A little bit mean? Maybe? Useful and direct? You bet.

6.) Instant Excuse Ball

An Eight ball for excuses. Why didn’t they think of this before?

7.) The Hillary Nutcracker

This would go great as a set with the Bill Clinton Corkscrew.

8.) Flingshot Flying Barnyard Chicken with Sound

Also available are the Flinshot cow, pig, monkey, duck, and frog. Pull it bag, fling it, and watch it scream!

9.) Bacon Scented Soap One Bar Hand and Bath Bar

This goes great as a package with the bacon car air freshener, tooth picks, bandages and bacon breath mints.

10.) Daddy’s Diaper Changing Apron

If you’ve ever had a child, then you know just how hilarious this apron is. My wife and I used to count to make sure we weren’t cheated on the poo poo diapers. With this apron the “chef” will just have to do ALL of them.

What homemade, unique, or crazy gag gift did you give for your white elephant exchange? Let us know by leaving a comment below.