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Christmas Gifts for Your Teenage Son in 2013

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

The teenage boy in your life shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. He wants to eat (a lot), sleep (a lot), hang with his friends, and have fun. The secret to finding the right gift for him this Christmas is easy — figure out what he spends most of his time doing, or what he secretly longs for, and give him the latest new thing for his favorite activity.

Silvertone Rockit 21 Guitar Package, Wine Red
by Silvertone
What teenage boy doesn’t want to be a rock star? Or at least have a garage band. Help him out with this set that has everything he needs. The SRK1 Rockit electric guitar features a double cutaway mahogany body for superior tone and sound. The neck is at a 24-3/4 inch scale and has a rosewood fretboard. Volume and tone controls have speed knobs. The guitar is finished in Wine Red for an awesome stage presence. The set also includes a 10-watt Silverton Smart III amplifier with six inch speaker, two band equalizer, overdrive and CD/tape input. Parents love the built-in headphone jack for in-house practice. He’ll also get a number of cool accessories including a digital tuner, guitar case with strap, picks, cable and a DVD that will teach him how to play. An extra set of strings is included. For an added family gift, sound-proof the garage.

Speakal iCrystal Stereo Docking Station with Two Speakers for iPod
by Speakal
Sometimes you just want to crank up the music, and there’s only so much your ear drums can take. The Speakai iCrystal Stereo Docking Station with Two Speakers comes in handy when you want to listen to your iPod in your room or blast music for all your friends at a party. The docking station is compatible with most recent versions of the iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod touch and iPhone. It allows you to charge your device while playing music. Other iPods, such as the shuffle, will connect with the 3.5 mm input, which is included. This same input cable allows the stereo to work with other brands of MP3 players, portable video gaming systems, CD and DVD players and mobile phones. The futuristic speakers are more than just eye candy — their distinctive design allows for 360 degree sound.

Forum Honey Pot Mens Snowboard 2011
by Forum
After Christmas, the resorts have enough of a base to board without injury. Set him up with a brand new snowboard from Forum. This board features the new Combo Platter technology developed as a result of research and feedback from riders. It combines the previous technology of camber, which features a stable platform and edge-grip, with the flexible form of rocker. Contact points on the board are slightly raised to enable better grinding on rails (Butter Cup technology). Finally, a weight reduction on tip and tail allow easier 360 on rails with new Swingers Club technology. All of this research and development is great, but the performance is what really matters, and he’ll find that his new board enables him to ride, slide and grind faster, better and in a more flamboyant manner than ever before (there might be board chicks watching, after all!)
Add even more to this gift with new boots, bindings and a cool board jacket.

The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set
by Suzanne Collins
Give him something to read on cold, wet, wintery days. The Hunger Games trilogy is one of the most popular boxed sets of late. It’s hit the bestseller lists of the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly. The futuristic story takes place in Panem, the country that has replaced the United States. Each of the thirteen districts in Panem must send one teenage boy and one teenage girl to compete in the Hunger Games every year. A grim twist on Survivor, only one willer emerges; the rest die. Suzanne Collins writes her characters with emotion and gets readers invested in the plot early on. Full of twists, turns and cliff-hangers, your teenage reader won’t be able to put it down until he’s finished the whole series.

Shrek: The Whole Story Boxed Set
by Dreamworks
The Shrek movies are quickly becoming classics in the world of computer animation. Known for their high-quality animation and endearing characters, all four of these movies by Dreamworks Studios captivate and charm viewers. He’ll love to be able to watch these over and over (and he probably already quotes the movies endlessly).
In addition to the four films: Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever After, he’ll enjoy four and a half hours of special features including games, activities and shorts, deleted scenes, commentary and From Swamp to Stage: The Making of Shrek the Musical. The all star cast of these movies includes hot Hollywood actors such as Mike Myers as Shrek, Eddie Murphy as Donkey, Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona and Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots, as well as many others.

Ripstik “G” Grind Caster Board
by Razor 
Someone figured out that the coolest way to move across concrete would be a hybrid between a skateboard and a snowboard. They came up with the Ripstick — a skateboard type vehicle with a flexible deck that pivots and responds to the slightest toe or heel adjustment. The caster trucks are inclined 360 degrees, which gives the board the ability to carve pavement the same way he carves snow on his snowboard. The “G” stands for Grind, and this board has an aluminum tube right in the middle for grinding rails and curbs. Much like snowboarding, there’s a steep learning curve with this board, but once he has the hang of it, he’ll be free-styling at the skate park, in parking lots and in the driveway. The manufacturer recommends riders be at least 8 years old and less than 220 pounds. A helmet is strongly suggested for safety (and required at many city skate parks), so add one to your gift. Other protection, such as wrist support and knee/elbow pads aren’t a bad idea, either.

Body Glove 90147 Wide Mouth Ice and Hot Water Bottle
Your active teenager probably has days when his muscles hurt from all the football, snowboarding, biking, hiking and other physical craziness he participates in daily. It’s not cool to hobble around with the same kind of heating pad that your grandpa uses. Instead, get him this neat new bottle by Body Glove. It holds ice or hot water and is flexible, so it surrounds injured knees, ankles, shoulders and arms with pain-relieving hot or cold. He can use it alone, or alongside bandages or wraps. Bottle is eleven inches and makes a great stocking stuffer for any active teenager.

Mothers Hardcore Enthusiast Car Care Kit

If he has a car, he’s probably pretty fond of washing and polishing it. This nine piece set of high-quality car care products will keep any car looking great, whether he’s driving a brand new Camaro or a 2001 Chevy Cavalier. The set includes California Gold Clay Bar system which comes with two bars, a towel and a detailer, a large 32 ounce bottle of car wash fluid, a 24 ounce bottle of spray wax, 24 ounces of leather care, 24 ounces of tire care, an 8 ounce bottle of back-to-black for exterior trim and bumpers, 24 ounces of wheel cleaner, 16 ounces of car wax and 16 ounces of Top Coat for a shiny finish. This gift keeps him busy, keeps the car in great condition and keeps his re-sell value high. For an added bonus, throw in a bucket, chamois, and car wash mitt.