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Good Green Gift Ideas for Christmas 2013

Looking for the right Christmas gift for your environmentally conscious friend? Here’s a few gifts that are sure to make their day:

Kindle Fire HD

This electronic gift is still a green gift because it is a device with a seven inch touch screen that can download books, magazines, movies, and more. By simply downloading these items rather than purchasing them separately, you will be saving lots of trees and other valuable materials in this world. You can also download plenty of popular apps from Amazon, so that you can have access to your favorite media at the touch of an icon. Amazon silk allows for unbelievably fast browsing of the internet, and the Kindle Fire also comes with free Cloud storage. Cloud storage allows you to save all of your downloaded content to an external source, the Amazon cloud. You can then download any of your content at the touch of an icon, so that you don’t have to take up valuable memory space with media that you don’t use all that often. You can even download illustrated children’s books to the Kindle Fire, making it easy to keep your children occupied and having fun wherever you go.

You can also download and save your music to your Kindle Fire, so that rather than carrying around multiple electronic devices, everything can be stored on your Kindle Fire instead. And with Amazon Whispersync, you can also sync all of your files across all of your devices, including things like Word and PDF documents. You can also access your email on the Kindle Fire, including managing multiple accounts from a single inbox, thanks to the built-in email app.

Burt’s Bees Solid Fragrance for Men

Burt’s Bees has always been a more environmentally friendly company, and the science of its natural solid fragrance is no exception to this rule. With Burt’s Bees Solid Fragrance for Men you have vibrant masculine essential oils blended in a convenient solid form with a strong masculine fragrance.  This is ideal for travel, after the gym, and long days at the office.  Alcohol-free and 100% natural.

Additionally, because these fragrances are solid, they last much longer, reducing your impact on the environment by buying lots of expensive colognes housed in luxurious glass bottles. To apply Burt’s Bees Solid Fragrance for Men simply rub it on your pulse points, and enjoy. This wold make a great gift for any guy, particularly those that are green-conscious.

Nature Babycare Eco-Friendly Chlorine Free Diapers

This uniquely green gift comes in a pack of four, but the benefits far outweigh the price of this green gift. Nature Babycare Eco-Friendly Chlorine Free Diapers lack the chlorine and oil-based plastics that are found in most diapers, protecting your baby’s skin.

Additionally, rather than using plastic, these diapers are made from the pulp from harvested Scandinavian forests, giving the diaper more of a cloth feel than a plastic feel, making it more comfortable for your baby to wear.

Flash Furniture Black Leather Mid-Back Office Chair

Although an office chair may seem like a strange gift at first thought, once your recipient starts using it he or she won’t be able to thank you enough. Not only is the leather on this chair eco-friendly, but it is truly one of the most comfortable chairs around.

Because the leather is environmentally friendly, those who sit in this chair will not stick to the leather and have an uncomfortable time getting out of it.  See more here.

Preserve Cutting Board

In genuine eco-friendly style, this cutting board from Preserve, which measures eight inches by ten inches, is a beautiful shade of green. This cutting board is actually made from 100% recycled materials, so that you don’t have to worry about your carbon footprint when you buy the Preserve Cutting Board.

And because of the textured nature of this cutting board made from recycled materials, knife marks are much better hidden. Because everyone needs to use a cutting board at least every once in a while, the Preserve Cutting Board makes a great green gift for almost anyone over the age of 18.

Foamex 1.5” Aerus Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This Foamex 1.5″ Aerus Memory foam mattress topper, for use on a twin bed, will give your recipient the gift of good sleep for years to come.

It is a green gift because Foamex has carefully designed this product so that it uses renewable and natural ingredients to maintain its form.

Arbor Young Men’s Makoa Boardshort

Not only does this Arbor Young Men’s Makoa Boardshort swimsuit make a stylish gift for any male between the ages of 15 and 40, but it is an eco-conscious gift. This swimsuit is 50% polyester, 50% bamboo viscose.

Bamboo is among the most renewable raw materials on planet Earth, so that your recipient can feel not only fashion-conscious but also environmentally-conscious every time he swims.

Marware Eco-Vue Cover for Kindle Fire

This would obviously be a great gift to give with a Kindle Fire, and it is just as environmentally friendly as its counterpart.

 The Marware Eco-Vue Cover for Kindle is made with an eco-friendly leather material so that the user can look stylish while still being considerate of the environment.

Ladies Thai Boho Bangles

These colorful Ladies Thai Boho bangles by Coastal are made from mango wood and antiqued brass, so that any woman who wears them can enjoy being conscious of the environment while still looking fashionable.

Coastal New Earth Soy Dog Collar

This one inch wide dog collar actually comes in two colors, olive and indigo blue. But the best part of these unique gifts are their eco-friendly nature. Because the Coastal New Earth Soy Dog Collar is made from a by-product of food production, so that your recipient doesn’t have to worry about increasing his or her carbon footprint by purchasing something as mundane as a dog collar.


Being environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be boring and out-of-style. What green gifts have been on your mind this year? Be sure to leave us a comment with your green Christmas ideas below.

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