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Christmas Gift Ideas for Businesses and Bosses in 2013

The holidays are a great time to make new business connections and stay in touch with current clients. Finding just the right gift can be tricky — it shouldn’t be too expensive, but shouldn’t be too cheap, either. The gift should project that image that you want your client to summon when he thinks of your company, and it should be something that he will use and appreciate all year long. Take this opportunity to find the perfect gift for current and future clients, then reap the benefits of their business throughout the year.

Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai
The Japanese cultivate Bonsai trees to create peaceful contemplation for those who enjoy them. The practice of lovingly cultivating and pruning these ancient trees dates back to the Tang dynasty in the year 603. This beautiful juniper by Zen Reflections will be a relaxing addition to your client’s desk or credenza. He’ll enjoy this small bit of nature, and can continue to train the branches as the tree grows. The Zen Reflections Juniper is already three years old, so you can be assured that it won’t suffer from transplant shock and die right after you give it to your client. The tree comes in an 8” glazed artisan pot.

La Crosse Technology WS-8157U-CH-IT Atomic Clock with Outdoor Temperature and Weather Forecast
For the client who enjoys tech toys and science-related gear, this Atomic Clock with Outdoor Temperature and Weather Forecast is a nice addition to her office. The device reports accurate time and date information, along with the temperature both inside and out, so she will know if she needs to grab a coat to go out for lunch. For clients who conduct international business, the clock offers time zone settings. The alarm feature reminds her of meetings, and the snooze feature comes in handy for lunchtime naps. The clock is enhanced by a handsome cherry wood finish and can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf, desk or table.

Alaska Smokehouse Ketchikan Gift Basket, 3-Pound Packages

The Alaska Smokehouse Ketchikan Gift Basket of food gifts are popular with clients, and this unique basket will be welcomed by seafood lovers. The gift comes with a four ounce smoked salmon filet and other salmon products including Wild Salmon Stix, salmon jerky, salmon spread, smoked trout spread and a 6.7 ounce can of smoked salmon. The wild-caught salmon is direct from Alaska and is certified Sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, a fact that might be very important to environmentally aware clients. The pretty, decorative, lined basket can be used for office storage long after the salmon is gone. A more creative idea than the traditional fruit basket, and one that can be shared by others in the office.

Copco 24-Ounce Big Joe Thermal Travel Mug
For the client who really loves her morning coffee, this 24 ounce Big Joe Thermal Travel Mug by Copco is a great choice. The design of this large mug allows it to hold a lot of coffee, but still fit into a standard cup holder to make morning commuting more enjoyable. A rubber traction base keeps the cup stable on a slippery desktop. The handle is compatible for right handers or lefties. The manufacturer recommends hand washing this mug. Combine this gift with some gourmet coffee beans for a more complete gift that will have java lovers loving you and your company.

Work Positive in a Negative World: Redefine Your Reality and Achieve Your Business Dreams by Joey Faucette
This new book by Joey Faucette is a great addition to any business library. Dr. Faucette has worked for years as a personal coach and motivational speaker, and knows how to excite and motivate readers. Faucette encourages people to leave the negativity of the corporate world behind, and focus on the positive possibilities in order to unlock new opportunity, better attitude and creativity. Highly acclaimed by a host of business book authors, reviewers and successful business owners, this 228 page book will inspire and encourage your client, while providing an upbeat, positive outlook that will improve his business relationships and enable him to achieve personal and career goals. By Entrepreneur Press.

CR Gibson Boxed Stationery With 50 Sheets of Letter Paper and 25 Envelopes, Vanilla
There’s nothing nicer than a quality set of stationary for all her correspondence. This beautiful boxed set by CR Gibson is made from premium paper that is also laser-printer compatible if she prefers to write notes on the computer as opposed to by hand. The classic vanilla and white styling offers a very subtle stripe that enables handwriters to keep lines nice and straight. The pages measure 6 x 8 inches — a nice size that lends a personal feel to business correspondence. The set includes 50 sheets of paper and 25 envelopes. Combine this gift with the rosewood pen below.

Genuine Rosewood Ballpoint Pen in Wood Gift Box
This stylish gift will encourage clients to just keep signing those contracts. The rich, polished rosewood pen is accented by gold-colored parts. The pen comes with a retractable black ink cartridge; refill cartridges by Alex Naverre or Cross fit as well. The smooth finish and perfect weight make writing feel decadent. The pen could easily be engraved for a more personalized gift. It comes in a hinged rosewood gift box for beautiful presentation and has a limited lifetime warranty.

Executive Sandbox A Day at the Beach
If your client can’t get away for a beach vacation this holiday season, bring the beach to him. The Executive Sandbox: A Day at the Beach is a fun twist on the Zen garden that keeps executives entertained during boring conference calls. This sandbox comes with adorable accessories including a beach umbrella and chair, plastic bucket and shovel, a sandcastle, tiny shells and a rake. The white sand and all the toys rest in an attractive hardwood sandbox that looks nice on any desk. He’ll love to rearrange the pieces, rake the sand and meditate about the beach. For fun, combine this gift with a CD featuring ocean sounds.

Christmas Gifts for Your Teenage Son in 2013

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

The teenage boy in your life shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. He wants to eat (a lot), sleep (a lot), hang with his friends, and have fun. The secret to finding the right gift for him this Christmas is easy — figure out what he spends most of his time doing, or what he secretly longs for, and give him the latest new thing for his favorite activity.

Silvertone Rockit 21 Guitar Package, Wine Red
by Silvertone
What teenage boy doesn’t want to be a rock star? Or at least have a garage band. Help him out with this set that has everything he needs. The SRK1 Rockit electric guitar features a double cutaway mahogany body for superior tone and sound. The neck is at a 24-3/4 inch scale and has a rosewood fretboard. Volume and tone controls have speed knobs. The guitar is finished in Wine Red for an awesome stage presence. The set also includes a 10-watt Silverton Smart III amplifier with six inch speaker, two band equalizer, overdrive and CD/tape input. Parents love the built-in headphone jack for in-house practice. He’ll also get a number of cool accessories including a digital tuner, guitar case with strap, picks, cable and a DVD that will teach him how to play. An extra set of strings is included. For an added family gift, sound-proof the garage.

Speakal iCrystal Stereo Docking Station with Two Speakers for iPod
by Speakal
Sometimes you just want to crank up the music, and there’s only so much your ear drums can take. The Speakai iCrystal Stereo Docking Station with Two Speakers comes in handy when you want to listen to your iPod in your room or blast music for all your friends at a party. The docking station is compatible with most recent versions of the iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod touch and iPhone. It allows you to charge your device while playing music. Other iPods, such as the shuffle, will connect with the 3.5 mm input, which is included. This same input cable allows the stereo to work with other brands of MP3 players, portable video gaming systems, CD and DVD players and mobile phones. The futuristic speakers are more than just eye candy — their distinctive design allows for 360 degree sound.

Forum Honey Pot Mens Snowboard 2011
by Forum
After Christmas, the resorts have enough of a base to board without injury. Set him up with a brand new snowboard from Forum. This board features the new Combo Platter technology developed as a result of research and feedback from riders. It combines the previous technology of camber, which features a stable platform and edge-grip, with the flexible form of rocker. Contact points on the board are slightly raised to enable better grinding on rails (Butter Cup technology). Finally, a weight reduction on tip and tail allow easier 360 on rails with new Swingers Club technology. All of this research and development is great, but the performance is what really matters, and he’ll find that his new board enables him to ride, slide and grind faster, better and in a more flamboyant manner than ever before (there might be board chicks watching, after all!)
Add even more to this gift with new boots, bindings and a cool board jacket.

The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set
by Suzanne Collins
Give him something to read on cold, wet, wintery days. The Hunger Games trilogy is one of the most popular boxed sets of late. It’s hit the bestseller lists of the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly. The futuristic story takes place in Panem, the country that has replaced the United States. Each of the thirteen districts in Panem must send one teenage boy and one teenage girl to compete in the Hunger Games every year. A grim twist on Survivor, only one willer emerges; the rest die. Suzanne Collins writes her characters with emotion and gets readers invested in the plot early on. Full of twists, turns and cliff-hangers, your teenage reader won’t be able to put it down until he’s finished the whole series.

Shrek: The Whole Story Boxed Set
by Dreamworks
The Shrek movies are quickly becoming classics in the world of computer animation. Known for their high-quality animation and endearing characters, all four of these movies by Dreamworks Studios captivate and charm viewers. He’ll love to be able to watch these over and over (and he probably already quotes the movies endlessly).
In addition to the four films: Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever After, he’ll enjoy four and a half hours of special features including games, activities and shorts, deleted scenes, commentary and From Swamp to Stage: The Making of Shrek the Musical. The all star cast of these movies includes hot Hollywood actors such as Mike Myers as Shrek, Eddie Murphy as Donkey, Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona and Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots, as well as many others.

Ripstik “G” Grind Caster Board
by Razor 
Someone figured out that the coolest way to move across concrete would be a hybrid between a skateboard and a snowboard. They came up with the Ripstick — a skateboard type vehicle with a flexible deck that pivots and responds to the slightest toe or heel adjustment. The caster trucks are inclined 360 degrees, which gives the board the ability to carve pavement the same way he carves snow on his snowboard. The “G” stands for Grind, and this board has an aluminum tube right in the middle for grinding rails and curbs. Much like snowboarding, there’s a steep learning curve with this board, but once he has the hang of it, he’ll be free-styling at the skate park, in parking lots and in the driveway. The manufacturer recommends riders be at least 8 years old and less than 220 pounds. A helmet is strongly suggested for safety (and required at many city skate parks), so add one to your gift. Other protection, such as wrist support and knee/elbow pads aren’t a bad idea, either.

Body Glove 90147 Wide Mouth Ice and Hot Water Bottle
Your active teenager probably has days when his muscles hurt from all the football, snowboarding, biking, hiking and other physical craziness he participates in daily. It’s not cool to hobble around with the same kind of heating pad that your grandpa uses. Instead, get him this neat new bottle by Body Glove. It holds ice or hot water and is flexible, so it surrounds injured knees, ankles, shoulders and arms with pain-relieving hot or cold. He can use it alone, or alongside bandages or wraps. Bottle is eleven inches and makes a great stocking stuffer for any active teenager.

Mothers Hardcore Enthusiast Car Care Kit

If he has a car, he’s probably pretty fond of washing and polishing it. This nine piece set of high-quality car care products will keep any car looking great, whether he’s driving a brand new Camaro or a 2001 Chevy Cavalier. The set includes California Gold Clay Bar system which comes with two bars, a towel and a detailer, a large 32 ounce bottle of car wash fluid, a 24 ounce bottle of spray wax, 24 ounces of leather care, 24 ounces of tire care, an 8 ounce bottle of back-to-black for exterior trim and bumpers, 24 ounces of wheel cleaner, 16 ounces of car wax and 16 ounces of Top Coat for a shiny finish. This gift keeps him busy, keeps the car in great condition and keeps his re-sell value high. For an added bonus, throw in a bucket, chamois, and car wash mitt.

Cute Christmas Footie Pajamas for Adults and Kids

What could be better than a Snuggie, the blanket with sleeves? The answer: footed pajamas. There’s no need to worry about cold tile floors, no more worries about finding a pair of socks, your feet are kept nice and toasty. You don’t have to drag a blanket around with you; footed pajamas will be your blanket. They are also an excellent choice for infants and toddler sleepwear. Young children often kick their blankets off in the middle of the night and don’t know how to cover themselves up again. Footed sleeprs solve the problem of babies getting too cold. Here are the best companies from which to buy your footed sleepers.

Big Feet Pajamas
These pajamas are made for adults. They come with or without a drop seat. There is a wide variety of men, women or gender-neutral color choices. The options include purple, red, gray, pink and green camouflage, turquoise, pink, green, black and a variety of plaids. The material choices are cotton flannel, jersey knit, and a high quality, no pill micro-polar fleece. Sizes start at X-Small and fit up to 5 feet 3 inches and 130 pounds. The biggest size is X-Large and will fit up to 6 feet 4 inches and 240 pounds.

Jumpin Jammerz
Jumpin Jammerz have made a name for themselves with their fun and wild prints. With so many options, one will definitely catch your eye. Some of the options include cheetah print, dragons, ducks, lips, hearts and skulls. They also have some college mascot prints and rock and roll themed pajamas. Some of the options come with a hood. Made out of 100% polyester, these pajamas come pre-shrunk and are machine washable. To make them last longer, it is recommended that you hang them to dry. All prints are zippered in the front. Sizes start at X-Small and fit 4 feet 11 inches and 115 pounds. The biggest size is X-Large and will fit up to 6 feet 7 inches and 260 pounds.

KATNAP has a line of footed pajamas for women. They have a lot of fun colors and lots of fun prints. There are stripes, polka dots, plaids, zebra, and snowflake prints. There are green, pink, purple, and blue colors. Each set has cute little 3-D plush animals on the feet. There are frogs, pandas, dogs, penguins, cats, and monkeys.

These pajamas feature a zippered front, non-slip soles, elastic on the ankles and a drop seat. They are machine washable and dryer safe.

Pajama City
Pajama City has a wide variety of footed pajamas for teens and adults. Their size range will fit anyone from 4 feet 5 inches to 7 feet. They even have three “extra roomy” sizes. Pajama City puts a full zipper in the front and two pockets on the sides. Some styles include a hood and a drop seat. These pajamas are machine washable.

Their prints include cats, frogs, penguins, cupcakes, owls, hearts, dinosaurs, snowflakes and many more. They even have two costume pajamas: a sock monkey and a wolf.

Footzies is a line of footed pajamas for women. Made of a soft velour (80% cotton, 20% polyester) these two-piece pajamas come in five colors: pink, read, lilac, black and baby blue. There are two different styles, one with a button-up top and the other a long-sleeved pullover over top. They both have non-skid soles. The sizes are small (4/6), medium (8/10), large (12/14), and x-large (16). Each size comes in either short or long; short fits up to 5 feet 5 inches and long fits up to 6 feet.

Football Fanatics
For the die-hard football fan who wants to dress their infant and/or toddler in their favorite team’s logo. That makes it easy to teach your child from the very beginning which team is best ☺. These pajamas carry an official NCAA license. There are two fabric options: lightweight ribbed cotton or a thicker fleece. The lightweight cotton option is 100% cotton, making it perfect for use during the hot summer months. It comes with a snap front and a tagless collar. The fleece option is made of 100% polyester and is thick and soft, perfect for the chilly winter months. The fleeced pajamas come with a full front zipper and a flap under the collar to keep the zipper from poking your baby in the neck. With over 59 options, there is a good chance your alma mater has a set for your baby.

Any mother of little boys knows that the children’s clothing market is saturated with cute little girl clothes. It is hard to find cute boy clothes for a good price. Carter’s solves this dilemma by providing both. They make adorable footed pajamas for both boys and girls. They come in a lightweight cotton or thick fleece. They are either fully zippered or have snaps. Some of the print options for boys include dinosaurs, football and other sports themes, fire trucks, cars, and camo. Some of the girl prints include cupcakes, monkeys, flowers, animal prints, butterflies, and hearts. They also have gender-neutral prints and themes like stripes, Halloween themed, and Christmas themed. The available sizes range from 0m-4T.

Cambridge Classics
Cambridge Classics is another company that moms of boys need to know. They only make pajamas for boys. Their infant sizes run from 18-24 months. Their toddler sizes run from 2-4T. They have cute patterns like automobiles, animals, rocket ships, and sports. They are fully zippered up the front, flame resistant and come with non-skid soles. The fleece material is machine washable and dryer safe.

Komar Kids
Komar Kids is the best place to go for footed, Disney character pajamas. They have Tinkerbell (comes in two colors: pink and green), Cars, Disney Princesses, and Toy Story. Each set is 100% polyester, machine washable, flame resistant, and has a zipper. They come in 2-5T and sizes 7-8, 4-5, and 6-6x.

Little Me
Little Me has a large selection of adorable footed pajamas for infants and toddlers. Their prints include cupcakes, monkeys, butterflies, flowers, polka dots, ballerinas, hearts, and leopard print for girls. For boys they have sports themes, frogs, lions, safari animals, puppies, guitars, trucks, skulls, and teddy bears. For costumes they have frogs, ladybugs, and cows. Some of their pajamas have cute embellishments on the feet. Most have animals, but one of the cutest had the feet look like shoes. The pajamas range in size from preemie-9 months and 18-24 months. They come with zippers or snaps. There are 100% cotton or velour. Some of the infant sets come with a bib or a hat.

Great Christmas Board Game Ideas for Kids

While sometimes it may seem that board games are falling to the wayside in terms of popularity, being overshadowed by video games and other electronic entertainment, video games are in fact still highly popular. And believe it or not, companies and people are producing new board games every day, so that when you feel like playing a board game, you don’t always have to resort to Monopoly or Candy Land. Here is a list of the top ten best new board games for 2013.

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood game

Angry Birds has become one of the most popular iPhone games of all time, and a larger version of it is available for iPad as well. So in a lot of ways, it makes sense that someone would turn the same concept into an actual board game, so that you don’t have to burn out your retinas while enjoying the concept. Angry Birds: Knock on Wood is based on the same concept as the original iPhone app, pigs have stolen the birds’ eggs, making them angry. Anywhere between two and four players can play at a time, and play starts with players drawing mission cards, ranked in difficulty on four different levels.

The mission card tells the player how to set up the wood pieces in a structure in which the pigs are hiding from the birds. The players then use a slingshot to slingshot the angry birds into the wooden structure (which is actually made of plastic in this game) and knock down the pigs. Depending upon a player’s accuracy in slingshotting the birds, he or she gets a certain number of points. The first player to reach 1000 points wins.


Valdora is a game of strategy for between three and five players, designed for ages 10 and older. The object of the game is to strategically collect more gold, silver, and gems than your opponents, in a land far away that is unsettled. Explorers are sent there by patrons, and so explorers eventually bring back part of their findings as a sort of commission.

Playing pieces are moved about a board with mines set up in between cities. Players can move their playing pieces on their turns, and refill a coin supply, which is helpful in getting commission as well as paying off other players.

Gears of War: the Board Game

Gears of War was a wildly popular video game, which has now been adapted into board game form. Gears of War: the Board Game is designed for up to four players, and the players work together in order to destroy a locust horde by completing various missions. There are extremely realistic playing pieces in this game, each of which begins with a different weapon. Each player gets dealt a certain number of Order cards, and then players take turns playing these Order cards which have various directions on them. After playing an Order card, a player may choose to attack the locusts.

At the end of a player’s turn, he draws an A.I. card, which describes some sort of locust attack or else a multiplication of locusts. Players attack the locusts with dice, but the game is in a lot of ways geared so that the locusts have a better chance of winning (for instance, the locusts attack with more dice than the soldiers).

Small World Underground

As few as two and as many as five players can compete in Small World Underground, a game in which players struggle to control more land in a world that is too small for everyone to share. You get a certain number of tokens at the beginning of your turn, and then you can place these tokens either on an empty parcel of land, or else place at least one more token than is already there on an existing plot of land, in order to effectively conquer that area.

The tokens each belong to a different race of “people”, and there is a lot of strategy involved in conquering other peoples and defending yourself. The characters in this game are kind of strange, but certainly creatively thought out (there are allusions to movies like Lord of the Rings and Tombraider in these characters).


This is probably one of the more uniquely creative games that has come out in the past few years or so, as the purpose of the game is to break any tie that may have ended in another game. So if you get tired of playing board games in which you can tie with other players with no way to absolve the tie, TieBreaker would be a great investment for you to make. TieBreaker is a very simple game. A meeple (wordplay on people – a meeple is a wooden yellow character) wearing a tie is set on the table. Players then draw the top card of the deck, which has instructions on something skillful to do, i.e. “put anything entirely in your mouth”, “say the last names of all the tied players”, “spell your last name backwards”, etcetera. The first person to complete the task and then grab the meeple wins the game.

Age of Steam: Bay Area

Age of Steam: Bay Area is actually an expansion pack for the original Age of Steam board game. In Age of Steam: Bay Area, the railroads that are being expanded across the North American continent come to the Bay Area in northern California. In this strategic board game, players compete to build the most railroads. However, players must be wary of being able to pay creditors, getting the most lucrative shipments possible, designing the best and most popular routes, and matching the tracks with the locomotives, so that they can have the best railroads possible. In Age of Steam: Bay Area, players must get creative in building railroads about the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as transporting plenty of goods to the ports there.

Jump Gate

Jump Gate is a space game in which players explore other planets, claiming them and collecting resources, bringing them fame. Between two and six players can play this game, as each player is a spaceship captain competing to earn the most points. Points are earned by exploring and claiming planets, as well as collecting resources.

The game is arranged with a jump gate board surrounded by eight planet boards as well as a black hole board. Players draw cards in order to be able to move their playing pieces and leave markers on various boards in the game, earning themselves more points, which are counted at the end of the game. Just be wary of the black hole board, because if you happen to leave markers on that board, you lose points at the end of the game.

Burger Joint

Burger Joint is a two player game in which players are restaurant owners. One of the restaurant owners owns a burger restaurant, while the other owns a pizza parlor. Each restaurant owner must compete to be more popular by utilizing similar menu items but sharing resources at the same time.

The restaurant owners build their own chains, and ultimately, the chain that is the most popular (popularity is decided by points earned at the end of the game) at the end of the game wins!


Jaipur is another economic, two player game. Jaipur is the capital of Rajhastan and a powerful city. Players represent traders who compete to become better merchants by drawing and discarding cards strategically. If you opt to sell your cards, you can get chips in return.

However, these chips depreciate in value over the course of the game. Additionally, there are camels involved in this game, which are integral to carrying goods, but the camels cannot be sold for money, adding another strategic element to Jaipur. This game should take about thirty minutes to play.


Arimaa is a strategy game for two players, and the design of this game is very similar to chess or checkers, with an eight by eight square board. The object of the game is to get a rabbit playing piece to the other side of the board, or else to prevent your opponent from doing so. However, there are four trap spaces on the board, and if one of the playing pieces (all of which are animals of various sizes) gets caught on a trap space without a teammate anchoring him, he must be removed from the board.

Playing pieces have more power according to the size of the animal, of which there are eight rabbits, two cats, two dogs, two horses, one camel, and one elephant. Strategy lies in arranging your pieces however you want at the beginning of the game, so that you can effectively move a rabbit to the other side, or else block the other player from accomplishing this goal. Each turn, a player gets four moves. He or she can either choose to move a single piece four spaces, or else he can split the spaces between playing pieces. All of the playing pieces can move in any direction, except that the rabbits can never move backwards. A player may use two moves to push or pull an opponent’s playing piece using one of the larger animals, which is useful for putting your opponent’s playing piece on a trap space.

5 Inexpensive Camcorders to Consider in 2013

Whether you are a teenager filming the latest skating stunt, or a father filming your daughter’s first birthday, camcorders are essential to capturing every memory. To help you find the a camcorder to capture life’s biggest and smallest events, we have come up with a list of the best camcorders of 2012.

Sony HDR-CX700V

When it comes to capturing home video on a camcorder, Sony is a brand that you can rely on. The Sony HDR-CX700V at only 17 ounces comes with a 96GB embedded flash memory which means you can record about 40 hours solely internally. So, if you want a camcorder that will not die and will not let your favorite memories die, the Sony HDR is the perfect choice.

Pros: The HDR has a huge 3-inch LCD screen and uses TruBlack technology so it can display amazing color. A huge added bonus to this camera is that it is touch screen. The view finder is incredibly easy to use on this camera, and the HDR even comes with a video stabilizer so that your footage won’t appear shaky. What is even cooler about this camera is that there is a GPS implanted inside the camera so you can remember exactly where you took the footage.

Cons: The zoom on the camera is a little bit limited so it will be harder to capture those farther away shots.

Overall, this camera is loaded with solid features; from its built in GPS to its touch screen, this camera will not let you down. You can take it anywhere because of its light weight, and it won’t run out of battery when you need it most.

Canon Vixia HF G10

The Canon Vixia HF G10 camera is a high definition camcorder with a punch. It not only has great image and video quality, but also has a large distance zoom.

Pros: The Canon Vixia can take 2.37 megapixel images and has a focal length of 4.25-42.5 mm. The recording speed on this camera is 24 megabits per second which is pretty good for a high definition camcorder. As far as memory, the Vixia comes with a dual memory card slot, but only comes with 32 GB of memory which is not much for HD video. The zoom is great with a 10x for optical and 200x for digital zoom.

Cons: This camcorder comes with very basic features and not a lot of internal memory. It won’t be the best option for recording long material, and does not have very mind blowing specs.

Overall, the Canon Vixia HF G10 is an average HD camcorder that will capture video and images at a pretty good speed. This camera may have a 3.1 inch screen, but it is missing the more impressive features like built in GPS.

Panasonic HDC-TM900K

When capturing video on your camcorder, the quality of the video and image is the most important thing to consider. Panasonic has taken this to mind with the HDC’s outstanding image quality.

Pros: At $1,100, the Panasonic HDC comes with a 9 MP resolution when taking pictures and an optical zoom of 12x which one of the highest optical zooms available. The HDC also sports a great focal length, exceptional recording speed, and an impressive 3.5 inch LCD screen. This camcorder is also exceptionally small weighing only 13 ounces. So on a feature level, this camcorder blows all the competitors out of the water.

Cons: The internal memory is only 32 GB, which makes it harder to record for a long time.

Overall, the Panasonic HDC-TM900K is a camcorder jam packed with features and stellar zooming capability. It is a camcorder that you can take anywhere and do anything with and get amazing footage.

Sony HDR-PJ50V

If you are looking for a high definition camcorder with exceptionally big memory and good lighting technology, the HDR-PJ50V is a great camcorder. While it only sports a 70x zoom, the PJ50V comes with additional features like a built-in-projector and awesome speakers.

Pros: What sets this camcorder apart is its ability to playback footage incredibly. The PJ50V acts like a home theater with exceptional speaker sound and a big screen to show you exactly what you are shooting. The still resolution camera feature only takes pictures at a 7.1 MP but it has a huge memory bank.

Cons: The image quality is very average, and the zoom capability is fairly low in comparison to other camcorders.

Overall, the Sony HDR-PJ50V is the camcorder to get if you do not want to run out of battery and if you want to play back your videos like they just happened.

JVC Everio GZ-HM1S

With outstanding video quality and a great vocal length, the JVC Everio is a perfection choice for a camcorder. It is priced at $700, which is relatively low, and it can capture images in vibrant colors.

Pros: The Everio has a high focal length, a pretty good zoom, and the recording speed is fast. What sets this camcorder apart is its ease to change out lenses. So, if you want to stick a wide angle or telephoto lens on your camcorder, this is the perfect camcorder to do that on. It records at 24MbPs which is a pretty good speed and it can record up to 28 hours of film with its 64 GB memory.

Cons: This camcorder is average in its features and does not come with a touch screen or any cool features like a built in GPS. The memory size at 64 GB is also average.

Overall, the JVC Everio GZ-HMIS has great image quality and is easy to use. It may only have average features, but if you are looking for an affordable camcorder that can take beautiful footage, this is the camcorder for you.

Out of all the camcorders on the market today, the Sony HDR-CX70 0V sticks out with the most unique features. So, if you are looking for a camera that has built in GPS, and a huge touch screen I would go with the Sony HDR. The Panasonic HDC-TM900K is the perfect camcorder in terms of video quality and amazing zoom.

Best Value Men’s Watches Under $200

Different men’s watches say things for different occasions. For a job interview a dressy, rather than sporty watch says that you’re not only serious about the interview, but that you’re an on the ball kind of guy. Whether you’re with friends, at the office, or spending time with the family, these five watches for under $200 will help you to have the right appearance for the right event.

Skagen Men’s 809XLTTM Carbon Fiber Dial Titanium Watch

For just over $100, you can add this sleek, modern watch to your collection. Made by one of the industry’s leading names, and backed by an industry-leading warranty, this Skagen Men’s 809XLTTM watch has the looks and the features to impress even the most sophisticated watch-wearer. Water resistance up to 30 meters and a stylish deployment clasp make this watch as sporty as it is fashionable.

The titanium case houses a gray, carbon-fiber dial as well as 3 multi-function sub-dials and 3 silver hands that are precisely and reliably powered by Japanes quartz movement. The stainless-steel mesh band adds to the sleek look and sporty nature of this watch. But don’t be fooled, this watch is extremely lightweight at only 7.2 ounces, making it as comfortable as it is fashionable.

Seiko Men’s SKA347 Kinetic Silver-Tone Watch

At only $180 or less, the Sieko SKA347 Kinetic Silver-Tone watch is the best possible choice when reliability and functionality are requisites. And, if you never want to change a watch battery again, then this is the watch for you! The kinetic nature of this watch allows it to automatically power itself, just with the movements of your arm. As your arm sways back and forth, the weighted pendulum inside the watch also sways back and forth and turn a gear train which is connected to the rotor. The rotor then transforms these rotations into magnetic electrical charge, keeping the time without a single battery.

Even when you’re not wearing the watch, it stores energy to keep it precise and accurate. Strong Hardlex crystal protects your watch face from scratches or dents. This watch is water resistant up to 100 meters and also features a date function, displayed just inside the number 4 on the dial. The fold-over clasp on this watch ensures a secure fit, even when you are swimming with sharks. Don’t pass up the ability to tell time without using any batteries or outside power sources. YOU can be the power behind time telling. See more here.

Seiko Men’s SNF672 Dress Black Leather Strap Watch

Looking for something a little classier, but still inside your price range? At under $110, the Seiko SNF672 Dress Black Leather Strap watch is an excellent buy. Given a 5-star rating on, this watch stands out above the rest. The brass case and Hardlex crystal casing not only protect the dial, but give off a stylish look in the process. The black leather strap adds to the classy look, while offering a snug and comfortable fit. The white dial with Roman Numeral number displays makes this watch sophisticated and practical. Japanese quartz movement ensures accurate timing, as does the name Seiko, as they have helped guide the watch industry in design and innovation for 125 years. Water resistant up to 30 meters, this watch is ready for whatever kind of aquatic abuse you could put it through in a day at the office, or at the local pool with your family. Topped off with a cabochon crown, this watch says, “I’m the boss around here”, whether that statement rings true or not.

Casio G Shock Quartz White Dial White Band – Men’s Watch GA100A-7A

One of the fastest growing names on the market, G-Shock, continues to put out more and more innovated and stylish watches all the time. Designed primarily for sports, outdoor activities and military action, G-Shock watches are able to take the abuse and neglect that watch-wearers tend to deal out. Continuing their reputation for large dials, the Casio G-Shock GA100A-7A has an extra-large watch-head, making reading the dial and three sub-dials even easier than before. Day and date functions make this watch as practical as it is aesthetic. The stop watch makes this watch a great choice for a day of sports with the friends, but what will catch their attention even more is the built-in speed indicator! Just enter the distance traveling, hit the stopwatch, and when you stop the time, it will display the speed in which you traveled. Good for use in short and long distance. Water resistance up to 200 meters makes this watch the perfect choice for swimming, water sports, and even scuba diving. The luminous display make reading the time a piece-of-cake, even in the middle of the night, or in the middle of the ocean.

Nixon Rubber Player

At under $120, this watch is a great way to gain recognition as part of the “Nixon Family”. Known for their incredibly sporty and lifestyle-reflecting watches, Nixon watches are some of the most sought after watches on the market. Originally designed with the surfer in mind, Nixon watches reflect a laid-back sort of lifestyle, while offering office-worthy looks and features. The Nixon Rubber Player features 3-hand Japanese quartz movement, keeping your watch on-time and getting you where you need to be before the surf passes or your presentation is due. The stainless-steel casing with polycarbonate and silicone exterior make this watch durable and comfortable. The strap is made of injected silicone to offer comfort and security. Lightweight and water resistant up to 100 meters, this watch is ready for a day at the beach surfing with friend, snorkeling on your honeymoon, or showering after some time in the gym. This watch holds a real diamond just above the 6 o’clock position and is available in 15 different colors, making it as much of a fashion trend as it is a time piece.

Don’t go out and spend $500 on a watch to impress the guys at the office or the lady across the street. Just pick from one of the five choices above, all for under $200, and get that promotion (or phone number) that you’ve been waiting for.

Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas 2013

Every year, thousands of sausages and dress shirt-and-tie boxed sets are wrapped and put under the tree. Every year you open the scented candle from Aunt Mabel and try to look ecstatic. You watch your father try to muster enthusiasm for the four-in-one tool set that he seems to collect by the dozens. You fear that if your daughter opens one more reindeer Christmas sweater, she’ll lose all semblance of manners and make a rude comment to Grandma Joyce. Surely there must be more to Christmas than the same boring gift sets and bric-a-brac! Sometimes a little thought is all it takes to offer your friends and loved ones a truly unique gift – something they’ll actually appreciate. It isn’t just the thought that counts… your gift should reflect the recipient’s personality, taste and style. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Give a Goat
Heifer International $120.00

Have you ever given a goat as a gift? Don’t worry — you don’t have to actually bring the goat to the family party. Heifer International, a non-profit charity, offers a great way for you to help people all over the world this year. Buy a goat for the low price of $120.00. Or, if that’s too much to spend, buy a share of a goat for $10.00. The goat is given to a needy family, along with education on how to care for it. The milk from the goat aides in the family’s nutrition, and extra milk can be sold for money or bartered for other needed goods. The family can also breed their goat and then give a kid to another family to pass along the good fortune. Animals in all price ranges are available to give, from $20 chickens to $500 heifers. Donate online at, then send your loved one an email card, or choose one to print out on their site.

Treasure Chest

Just can’t think of anything to buy for the teenager or senior citizen on your list? Maybe you typically write them a check or put cash in their Christmas card. While they definitely appreciate the cash, it’s not a very exciting gift. Mix things up a little this year. Go to your local bank and request gold dollar coins. The U.S. coins feature Sacagawea on one side and a flying eagle on the other. These coins aren’t circulated much, so they are usually pretty shiny. Then, go to your local craft store and find a small wooden treasure chest (these are usually offered unpainted and are typically less than $5.00). You can paint the box, or leave it plain. Fill it up with gold coins and wrap it. Your loved one will be thrilled to have gold coins and can use the box for small knick knacks later.

Give the Gift of Travel
$50.00 – $5,000.00

Give them the chance to see the world! For the person in your life who enjoys traveling, a free airline ticket or trip is a unique, thoughtful gift. Major airlines offer gift cards or gift certificates that you can order online. You can purchase a cruise or vacation through your local travel agency. To present the gift, pair the gift certificate with something for the trip — a bottle of sunscreen and a beach towel, for example. If you can’t afford an entire trip, buy a smaller gift certificate, or go in together with other family members for a joint gift.

Amish Friends Cookbook
by Wanda E. Brunstetter 

The culinary master in your life probably owns dozens of cookbooks, but the odds are pretty good that he doesn’t own this one. This 224-page book offers delicious recipes for bread, main dishes, desserts and even homemade jams. Each section begins with information about the Amish and their way of life. For down-to-earth, hearty meals with centuries of tradition, this cookbook is truly unique.

Sure-Pak Genuine GI Military MRE Meals Ready to Eat 12 Pack

Chances are, your loved ones won’t find themselves in a trench on the front line, but MREs come in handy. You can take them hunting or backpacking and enjoy a hot meal in the middle of nowhere; they’re lightweight and easy to prepare. Keep them in your trunk as part of your emergency kit in case you get trapped in one a snowstorm. Or, keep them at home in case of natural disasters. The possibilities are endless! These are the real deal, created by a contractor for the U.S. government. The kit includes twelve MREs with a main dish, crackers with spread, side dish and even dessert. Coffee and a powdered sweet drink round out the meal. Utensils included as well. For an even more thoughtful gift, include a lightweight backpacker’s stove.

AAA 77 Piece Warrior Road Assistance Kit

If your loved one gets stranded while out on the road, is she prepared? This kit offers some reassurance. It comes with an extensive first aid kit, jumper cables, an air compressor and an array of other tools such as a flashlight, screwdriver set and multifunction tool. Fleece gloves, hat and scarf will keep her warm if she’s stuck out in the cold, and a rain poncho will keep her dry in wet conditions. Other useful items, such as bungee cords, duct tape and tire gauge are included, as well. The kit stays organized in a vinyl zippered bag with handle. For an added bonus, include a AAA annual membership.

Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas for Christmas 2013

Have you decided to take part in a white elephant gift exchange at work, and you want to impress everyone with your unique creativity, but you aren’t quite sure what will do the trick? Here are 15 gifts that are sure to get a few laughs and will surely be fought over at your gift exchange.

Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray

Do you have a friend that could use a little more sophistication in their speach? Get them this Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray to help give them that extra edge. Not only will it leave their breath smelling fresh as a mint, but one simple spray will activate the invisible language receptors on their tongue to help them speak Irish like a native Irishman. Spearmint flavor.

Sarcastic Ball

We’ve all seen those magic 8 balls that give answers to questions. How about a sarcastic version that gives you the answers you don’t want?

Give this gift to that person you want to know how you really feel about them. Answers like, “Yeah, right”, “Ask me if I care”, and “Oh, please”, will get the message across.

Bacon Scented Car Freshener

Who doesn’t enjoy the smell of bacon in the morning? But really, who has the time to cook it, every morning? So why not give the gift that keeps on giving, a bacon scented car freshener. Then, everyday, when the person you care about enough to give this gift gets in their car, they can enjoy the wonderful smell of bacon without even setting a foot in the kitchen.

Fake Turd

This classic gag gift is a must for anyone who loves to pull the same prank over and over and over again. This realistic looking turd may be placed on the toilet seat at the office, in the middle of the sidewalk in front of your home, or anywhere that a person might not expect it.

The Fake Turd is approximately 4″ long and is as real as it gets outside of a bathroom.

Toilet Monster

Taking pranks into the bathroom may seem off-limits or off-color to some people, but for those who enjoy it, this gift is a lucky find. This red monster has suction cups that allow it to attach to the inside of any toilet lid, scaring anyone and everyone who dares try and use it. Buy this gift to impress your most off-color friends.

Toilet Coffee Mug

Do you know someone who has to have that cup of coffee in the morning? Or maybe somebody who drinks cup after cup of coffee throughout the day?

Well, what better way to drink a cup of coffee than out of a toilet? Their friends will all get a kick out of the miniature toilet filled with mysterious brown (coffee) liquid.

Other Coffee Mugs

If the toilet coffee mug won’t do it for you, try one of these other options. The grenade coffee mug that features a sign that says, “Please take a number”. (The numbers are located on the grenade pin). Or, try the brass knuckles coffee mug and feel invincible every time you slip your fingers into the fisticup.

If you really want the feeling of invincibility, however, try the gun mug which features a pistol handle as the handle of the mug.

Fart Master Key Chain

Have you been missing the whoopee cushion prank now that you are too old to play with such immature toys? Give this more sophisticated version, The Fartmaster Key chain, to one of your co-workers and relive those childhood memories all over again.

This key chain features 6 different types of farts, to keep them sounding authentic time and time again.

Obama Toilet Paper
Okay, no matter what your political stance may be, who wouldn’t enjoy wiping their…noses…on the president of the United States, especially when his name’s Barrack Obama.

If you believe in change, then you will enjoy seeing your hero every morning when you wipe your…nose. If you used to believe in change, or never thought we could, then maybe wiping your…nose…on Obama will be even more enjoyable for you.

Shock Pen

Another classic prank, now in the shape of the most used office tool, the pen.

Does your co-worker frequently ask you to borrow a pen? Give them this pen for Christmas and they probably won’t ask you for anything else ever again.

Farting Fanny Piggy Bank

Do you know any penny pinchers that insist on saving every single penny that comes their way? Help them save their pennies with the Farting Fanny Piggy Bank.

This piggy bank has a look of it’s own, as well as sound effects that complete it’s look.

Backwards Clock

What if time could go backwards? Would you want in on that secret? Well get in on it now with the backwards clock! This 10 1/2″ diameter clock features a backwards array of numbers as well backwards moving hands to give you the power of turning time backwards.

Give your friends the impossible gift of turning time backwards this Christmas season.

Talking Friend Watch

Do you know someone who could use a friend? Has the same person been wearing the same old, silent watch for years now? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then this gift is perfect for them.

This watch’s talking features you to not only see the time displayed on the watch, but also hear it as it is repeated to you from the watch itself. Never feel lonely again! With the Talking Friend Watch you can

Refrigerator Upgrade Magnet

These days it’s practically a crime not to have an automatic ice/water dispenser on your fridge. But what about those who don’t? What are they supposed to do? Spend $500+ on a new refrigerator OR you could just buy a magnet that does the trick. Measuring 7 1/2″ wide by 9″ tall, this magnet transforms your 20th century refrigerator into a 21st century beauty. Trick friends and family into thinking you made the upgrade to a brand new refrigerator and watch as their cups slam recklessly into the side of your fridge.

Remote Control Walking Zombie

We all know that 2012 is the year the world will be taken over by zombies. Prepare now for the zombie invasion by buying a zombie of your own for protection! This little remote control zombie measures 7 3/4″ tall and can walk and moan all at the push of a button on the little brain-shaped remote control. Perfect for scaring or amusing co-workers, students, classmates, etc., this little zombie fits perfectly on top of a desk. Don’t be unprepared for the 2012 zombie invasion.

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Amazing Christmas Toys for Little Girls in 2013

Oh, the holiday season; it’s filled with wonderful sights and smells, good cheer, joy, and stress. Stress? That’s right, stress. While the holiday season is a wonderful time of year, finding that perfect gift for that special someone can be quite a daunting, and stressful, task. There are so many choices out there, but how do you know what will appeal those on your shopping list.

When it comes to finding gifts for girls, there really are a variety of options out there to appeal to a variety of tastes. Girls today are smart and sophisticated, and their high tech product interests are beginning to rival that of boys. They want to stretch their imaginations and tackle the latest gadgets, all while maintaining their sense of femininity. So, finding a gift that balances these qualities is sure to be a hit. The many product choices can be a bit overwhelming. The key is to fully understand the personality and interests of the girl on your list.

There are the tried and true toys that have stood the test of time, and you definitely won’t go wrong with these. But, as with every year, new items enter the scene that will have the girls in your life jumping up and down for the latest and greatest. So, let’s take a look at some hot items that are sure to please little girls and big girls alike, while taking the stress out of your shopping experience.

Here’s a few more ideas that will help you get your Christmas shopping started this year.


Barbie dolls and accessories have been around for a long time. Mattel is continually updating the products to keep the brand new and fresh. You can find a Barbie doll to fit just about any interest, from sports to ballet. The Barbie Dream Townhouse provides hours of play for little girls and their dolls. It features lights, sounds, and even an elevator. Other playsets allow girls to experience various careers and roles.

WowWee Paper Jamz Pro Microphone with Perfect Pitch

I had never heard of this item, but my 8 year-old daughter sure had. And, she was quick to bring it to my attention. It’s an amp with a microphone that auto tunes the girl’s voice when she sings. It features auto harmony, melody match, chorus, and the ability to download favorite songs. Different colors are available, including pink. This product will bring out the hidden rockstar in your favorite girl. And, at a reasonable price, practically any little girl will be on her way to stardom in no time.

American Girl Dolls

If you know girls, then you will know that dolls are a big hit with many of them. There are dolls that cry, wiggle, eat, and crawl. As girls get older, the appeal for dolls may still be there, but older girls don’t want the cutesy versions that appeal to little girls. Well, that dilemma is solved with the American Girl Dolls.These stylish dolls are pricey at around $100. If you want to add any accessories, the price will quickly go up. But, these dolls are well made and very stylish for the older girl crowd. The company even offers a doll hospital for those dolls who experience an unfortunate mishap. The big appeal of these dolls is that the purchaser can pick a doll whose looks match the hair color, style, and skin complexion of the girl they are shopping for.


Girls as young as 6 years-old are craving this hot item that comes in a variety of stylish colors. It’s compact, easy to use, and girls can download their favorite songs. Docking stations can be purchased that offer not only a way to charge the ipod, but speakers so that girls can jam out to music with their friends.

Nintendo 3DS

Take your gaming to a whole new level with the Nintendo 3DS. Video games aren’t just for boys anymore. Girls are quickly jumping on the video game bandwagon. Like the original Nintendo DS, this unit features great gaming play, but stepped up a notch. Now gamers can experience 3D graphics without the use of special glasses. The product comes in cool fashion colors, and there are a plethora of games appealing to the female population.

Pillow Pets

Is it a pillow, or is it a pet? The answer is, it’s both. This product appeals to little girls and big girls alike. It’s a soft, plush animal pillow that easily transforms into a cuddly pet. Girls will love cuddling up to this to watch their favorite TV show, or to ease into dreamland at night. And, it’s priced at about $20.00 which makes it ideal for gift giving budgets.


A new craze to hit the toy scene is Squinkies. Since I didn’t know anything about this product, I did what any sensible person would do to find out information about it. I asked my 8 year-old daughter, once again, for some valuable information. Squinkies are small, squishy figures of animals, babies, people, etc. that come in their own bubble. In addition, they come with various different playsets. They can be paired with matching bracelet or ring sets, or even be used as decorative pencil toppers.

Popular Genre Items

When it comes to gift giving, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. If you’re really stumped about a gift for that girl on your list, look at the popular kids TV shows and movies. Several hot products are designed from these sources. Movies like Smurfs and shows such as iCarly have led to the creation of popular merchandise related to the characters. Even pre-teen musical icons have their own dolls and accessories that young girls are bound to be delighted to receive.

If you are looking for a creative approach to gift giving, you can try making cute, stylish gift baskets with all their favorite essentials, such as make-up, jewelry, nail polishes, etc. These can be adapted to meet any budget. For the sporty girl on your list, you can customize gifts to feature her favorite sport or sports team. The important thing is to just know the girl you’re shopping for and keep her personality and interests at heart.  Keep this in mind, and your gift is sure to be a smashing success.

Special Memory Making Christmas Gift Ideas for 2013

Instead of buying sausage sets in bulk or buying into the one-gift-fits all theory, this year focus on special gifts for your loved ones that will last for years to come. These gifts all offer functionality and beauty and are unique, quality items that will remind the recipient of you and your love.

A Special Christmas Gift Idea For Grandparents

Memories Bookbound Photo Album
Create a special photo album for Grandma and Grandpa this year. This beautifully bound album has a space for a photo right on the cover. The word, “Memories” is spelled out in silver metal letters beneath. The album holds up to 200 photos in the 4”x6” size and features space for writing next to each photo . Fill the book with photos of your family over the last year, or leave it blank for Grandma and Grandpa to fill with photos of their own. They’ll enjoy looking through it again and again.

A Special Gift for Your Husband or Boyfriend

Bulova Men’s 96G55 Marine Star Chronograph Watch
Unlike women, men have few clothing accessories available to them; the few accessories they have should be high-quality and special. This Bulova watch fits the bill. Constructed of sturdy stainless steel, it has a black dial with date window. Three subdials are placed on the face for hours, minutes and 1/10 second intervals, and a tachymeter circles the dial. The stainless steel link bracelet features a fold-over safety clasp. It’s water-resistant up to 100 feet. Bulova has been crafting quality watches since 1919. From humble Czech immigrant beginnings, to supplying well-made timepieces to NASA, and U.S. Olympic Teams, Bulova has focused on innovation and timeless design that make their watches truly special.

A Special Gift For your Wife or Girlfriend
Sterling Silver Filigree Circle Pendant, 18”
She will love this delicate, detailed sterling silver pendant with 18” chain. The design is detailed, with four large filigreed hearts entwined with a floral/vine motif around the pendant, and four small hearts in the center. It’s dressy enough for a formal occasion, but will also add a nice touch to a more casual outfit. The 18” chain will drop to just below her collar bone. The pendant comes in a blue velvet gift pouch. Matching earrings are available at a special price when you purchase both. It’s a great gift for Mom, too. By the Collection.

For Young Girls

Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet with Puffed Heart Charm 7.5”
Get her started on her first charm bracelet this year. This sweet bracelet by Netaya is made of of heart-shaped links in sterling silver. It’s very delicate — perfect for small wrists. A silver puffed heart charm gets her started — you can add other charms throughout the years for a special gift that will change and grow as she does. Charms come in a huge variety of themes that cover any hobby or interest. A charm bracelet that has been added to over the years is a unique, individualized piece of jewelry that reflects her personality and history.

For the New Dad

To Daddy On Our First Christmas — Picture Frame Gift
His first Christmas as a Dad shouldn’t pass by without a special gift to honor him. This colorful frame features Daddy and Son snowmen and a space for a 3 x 5 photo. It’s constructed in Oregon and designed by local artists. Place a photo of the new baby inside so he can show off his progeny to friends and co-workers. Great for his desk at home or work, he’ll always remember this Christmas with this special gift. Comes in a ribbon-wrapped gift box.

For the Recent Graduate

Latico Basics Adventurer Messenger Bag
The young adult with his first real job is making his way out in the world. Mark his new independence this Christmas season with a well-crafted leather messenger bag. This fine leather bag is rugged and casual with two buckled closure straps. The adjustable carrying strap is wide enough to be comfortable. Inside, a zippered pocket, card slots, pen slots, cell phone pouch and multiple pockets make it easy to find anything he needs. The Latico Basics Adventurer is available in chestnut or black, top-stitched in white. A special gift for young women or men.

For Young Boys

10 1/2” x 6 1/2 “ Wood Domed Treasure Chest Box
Look under his bed and you’ll probably find a shoebox filled with treasures like special rocks, a pocket knife, Indian head penny or bird’s nest. Give him a special box to hold all his special things. This cool domed treasure chest is handmade from solid wood and features metal details. It has a hinged lid and a hasp closure that he can put a padlock on to keep his things secure. He’ll love the antiqued look of this box that evokes pirate lore.
The box measures 10 1/2” x 6 1/2” — large enough to hold lots of treasures. He’ll be able to keep this handmade gift well into his adult years, when he can open it up and reminisce about the days of his childhood.

For the Traveler

Genuine Leather Legends Journal – Hand made in the USA
A hand made gift is always special. This artisan-quality leather journal has 48 rough-cut, cotton rag pages hand sewn right into the leather cover. The supple, aged leather cover looks rustic now and will only get better with time. A leather strap wraps around the journal and ties closed. Perfect for writing stories or journal entries, or sketches, this journal is a great gift for travelers, writers, artists and anyone who has special memories to keep.

For the Executive

Alex Navarra 3 piece Pen, Pencil and Letter Opener in a Wood and Glass Case
This beautiful Alex Navarra set includes a pen, pencil and letter opener made of polished wood with brushed chrome accents. The wood and glass case measures 5 1/4” x 9” x 1 3/4”; a nice size to place on desktop or credenza. This quality set will be treasured and appreciated by any executive. A limited lifetime warranty ensures that he or she will be able to use it for many years.